How to install Houdini on Garuda or any Arch based distro

Hi everyone

I know there are quite a few people running Houdini on Garuda and they are having a problem with their license not starting. This is because on any Arch based distro’s ( according to sidefx ) the folder where the sesinetd file ( this is your houdini license server launcher ) needs to live in a folder called init.d located in /etc. Other distros have the init.d folder right out of the box, who knew, right?
So what you need to do is to create this folder before you try to install houdini. !!!

What I do and I know there are many ways to do this, I open the terminal and

cd /etc/
sudo mkdir init.d

and this is it. It’s a simple fix, but if you don’t know about it you get stuck.

If hope this helps


Welcome @alex_b. Looks like you pulled a trick on Houdini! Well done!

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