How to install gnome with i3wm base install

I installed i3-wm garuda edition and I want to add a new user which uses gnome DE. This is because virtualbox is so unusable in i3-wm. Can you tell me the steps required to install gnome?

If you just installed you might just reinstall a GNOME iso.
If thats not possible, you will have to remove garuda-i3-settings and install garuda-gnome-settings instead.
Creating a new user afterwards will then use the new defaults of /etc/skel
Also you will need to remove i3 & its companions and install gnome afterwards.

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I have been using i3 for months now, and I can't use them side by side?

Well you can ofc. But the settings package cant be installed side by side so one of them has to be uninstalled :thinking:
It might be fine to just remove the settings after having the defaults in the home directory of the user you used since month. @SGS you are the i3 specialist, are there any important files in the settings package?

Ok cool thanks for the reply.

Yes, :smiley:
But in order to avoid problems later, you should choose 1 DE.
Take KDE and use a tiling app. :slight_smile:

So If i install a DE like garuda-lxqt-kwin, I can switch to i3-wm from the login menu right?

I think lxqt-kwin is an awesome release. However, IMO by the time you add kwin and all the eye candy to lxqt it isn't that far below KDE in ram consumption. KDE is way more polished, full featured, and massively more configurable.

To me it's KDE given that choice.