How to install [email protected]?

How to install [email protected] on Garuda? Is it possible? Thank you.

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Do you mean this

You can install this with

sudo pacman -Syu foldingathome

Optionally for opencl support

sudo pacman -Syu ocl-icd clinfo

As i just added it to repo

Then start its service

systemctl enable foldingathome --now

For nvidia users

systemctl enable foldingathome-nvidia --now

You can install cuda if your gpu support it

sudo pacman -S cuda

How to start it ?


I must do :
sudo useradd fah

and edit the /etc/fahcontrol/config.xml


gpu v='true'

user v='sentinel1'
eam v='70335'
passkey v='c8efe6be9df792de7d9b840a526e7499'

slot id='1' type='GPU'

( ? not usefull ) and put GPU.txt into the home - directory