How to install files via Arch

Hi there

Although I have briefly used other distros, I am new to Arch

I would appreciate some advice re installing file types e,g ,deb, tar etc

In this case, I have a .run file to install and after researching applied the command: sudo chmod +x

However, when I execute nothing happens, no errors or anything

Grateful for your advice

How to install DisplayLink Software

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The following section shows you how to install DisplayLink USB Graphics software on the following OSes:

Missing the arch way.

Just search for "install deb on arch linux"

I cant help.


First of all, it seems unlikely that running that script is going to be the right thing to do but I haven't personally reviewed it so I can't say for sure.

What I can say for sure is that the command you ran doesn't install anything. It changes the permissions on the file to make it so you can run it.

If you are sure that you want to run it you can do that now by switching to the directory containing the file and typing ./

That means the permissions were successfully changed.

EDIT: I guess one more thing I should add is that, generally speaking, you don't install software on an Arch-based distro by downloading files and installing them manually. You can usually find everything you need in either the repos or AUR. That is generally where software and drivers come from.


displaylink is a package in the AUR--that might be what you need in this case.

AUR packages have to be built; I recommend using the AUR helper paru, which is included with Garuda Linux by default.

paru displaylink

It will present you with a list of available packages and you can select the one you need, then paru will help build it for you.

You may need to refer to this ArchWiki article about setting up a DisplayLink device, because in this case I'm afraid there is a bit more to it than just installing the correct driver: DisplayLink - ArchWiki


Great advice thanks..used the add software tool. I have a display issue which I will raise seperately

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