How to install completely .NET FRAMEWORK?

I want to install AutoCAD in Dragonize Garuda, but the installation says that i must have installed .NET 4.0 or higher. How to install it?
I already installed with "sudo pacma -S dotne-sdk-5.0" but when i open the installer it still doesn't detect that i have installed the .NET.

Am i miss some step? Please tell me clearly guys. I need your help because i have a project for my exam

I am almost certain this will not work under Linux...

You might be able to run the 2008 version (so a 12-year-old version).

You should talk to your school for help with tools they are asking you to use.


What version is it? LD? Or the others? I want try that version

I said "2008" so "AutoCAD 2008".


Ok. Thanks bro

There are a number of Linux CAD applications. Have you tried any of them?