How to build firedragon from source

I would like to build the firedragon fork from source. Can somebody give me some direction on how to do this?
Thanks in advance


Welcome :slight_smile:

Fork LibreWolf and make your own version.


Apart from the PKGBUILD available on AUR, I didn't provide building instructions until now as these would change frequently due to the patches applied. I did however provide some rough instructions to follow in the following comment, I hope this helps:


I see the same avatar, OP v/s issue :wink:


Thank both of you :slight_smile:
I'll try my best

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you are right.
wasn't sure where to ask....


It is very easy!

  1. git clone
  2. cd firedragon
  3. makepkg -si (build and install)
    If the build fails, you may have to build from a clean chroot

If it was an Arch-based distribution this would be the easiest way, OP was asking on how to build it from source on another distribution though. Here, our beloved makepkg is sadly not available.


But he did not write that here in the forum.

Is anyway stupid to write in different places at the same time without communicating this.

sorry for the confusion; I'll make it clearer next time

Sorry, my English is very bad :upside_down_face:. To build on a different distribution, you will need the dependency versions relevant to arch.You will have to apply the patches manually during assembly. Otherwise, it is assembled in the same way as librewolf

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