How to add custom image while booting screen?

I want to add an image while booting. And I also want to add spinner theme. I did this with garuda boot options. But everytime I save , close and open the image remains empty. Can I do it with terminal?

I'm not sure I understood correctly your questions, anyway

  1. You can define a splash screen in the system settings
  2. You can install a plymouth theme (incl. spinner). I use plymouth-theme-dr460nized and love it, but there are others.
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Refer to this if you want to change your grub boot screen

GRUB customizer - Easily Customize Your Bootloader - OLinux

You need little experience dont mess with all this unless you have some experiece

I definitely suggest avoiding the grub customizer.
It created a lot of troubles to other users.
A simple forum search would confirm.

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You are constantly making topic in the wrong category. Please make such topic in Issue and Assistances

Thank you.
But that is not what I wanted. I wanted to add an image while it is booting the os instead of default garuda progressbar and logo.

Yeah I wanted to add splash screen image. I will try.

  1. Check which theme is being used in Garuda Boot Options.
  2. Go to /usr/share/plymouth/themes.
  3. Go to the folder of the theme.
  4. Replace the files you want.

Note: If the theme gets updated, your new custom files get replaced by the original files. To avoid that, you may have to create a package to make your own theme, which requires some knowledge.

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I want define splash screen. How can I do that?

In the system settings you can add or change the existing splash screens IIRC


Answered above ^. “Plymouth theme” is what having the “splash screen” you want. There are two splash screens: boot splash screen and login splash screen. Both are different. What @filo's answer was for the login splash screen and mine was boot splash screen. You got answers for both luckily, enjoy :grin:


Or you can simply create an alias to copy your custom files back if the system overwrites them.


...or a Pacman/ALPM hook to be lazy :crazy_face:

Wow how I got one idea from another :blush:
thanks to tbg :smiley:

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Sure you could do that instead I guess. The alias was good enough for me in the past as the breakages never happened all that often. I simply use the Garuda defaults now so I haven't bothered with that in a long time.


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