How reliable is dd?

How reliable is dd? I have copied the contents of my old SATA drive to my new NVME drive but i’m scared to format the old SATA drive for use as storage.

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What is TG? Also i did check duckduckgo i just didn’t get many results.

tg: telegram group.

:thinking: here…

So many results from google alone…


you’ve got a couple puncture wounds on your neck that require immediate disinfection with garlic essence and colloidal silver >.>


Have you tested the NVMe drive? If it is working I would say go ahead and reformat your SATA drive. If you haven’t had a chance to test it yet then hold off.

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What do you mean by “test it” I’ve been using it for the last two days and i checked it’s smart status was good.
If there is a specific command/program you would recommend i would appreciate it.

I would say that is a more than sufficient test. If something went wrong with dd, most likely you wouldn’t be able to boot it. Any issues you run into at this point are very unlikely to be related to dd.


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