How OBS capture an applications sound

First, i know OBS is currently broken, its not about that.

Now for my question, How to capture a applications sound? i want to only record the sound from Discord, without the rest of my system.

OS: Garuda Linux Dragonized Edition.

Assuming you're using PipeWire (which is the Garuda default) then you need to add a PipeWire capture source.


Can you tell me how thats done?

You'll have to create a virtual sink that you point Discord to, then set that up as the input/capture device for OBS,

pavucontrol makes setting inputs/outputs for applications easier.


I cant try it out right now, do you know if i do that if i still hear discord after that? cause that "explaination" from you sounds like only OBS will hear Discord then.

You can monitor output too. Keep in mind that what you're asking for is not a point-and-click setup so you'll need to do some configuration (along with some trial-and-error).

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Well i know im using Linux, but sometimes i really wish that there was a gui for everything. Thats one thing from Windows i really miss. Well, now that im using linux i guess i have to life with that.

Is there a Windows thing that lets you record from only a certain application? :thinking:


To achieve that, the GUI would be sooo cluttered and complicated that you'd be complaining about that. Let alone the insane price you'd have to pay for that OS/Application as it takes a lot of time and effort to program everything into a GUI, let alone then organise it and then keep it up to date as the software develops.
E2A: See "RegEdit" as an example of a GUI replacing config files.

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Helvum (helvum) might do the job.

Edit, yes, that will work. Drag-n-drop outputs to inputs.


Yes, there is a windows version. But i cant say if it works cause well, im not using windows anymore.

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