How is the deepin interface in Garuda

I’ve been testing deepin only the part I get annoyed about is because of the repositories and because I don’t have support for btrfs without official support
How is Garuda deepin?,the interface continues in version 15.11 or the interface comes from arch Linux?

It comes straight from arch we dont have middle man

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But it would be better if you for example compiled some applications that are in app4deepin and deepines (in relation to that interface) in Garuda, thereby would give more emphasis to distro

Well they dont have git repo for those apps
So they are proprietary.

App4deepin only provides binary for deepin distro.

And so not interested in binary.

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Pelo pamac-aur, consigo instalar pacotes binários deb?



By pamac-aur, install binary packagesBy pamac-aur, install binary packages deb?

You could try debtap to install deb files

But i dont know how it works or if it even works

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