How I destroy the grub boot

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Hello I have just updated my Garuda Linux and have uninstalled timeshift before that. Also I am running Garuda Linux on all ext4 partitions as Legacy BIOS I also have Windowsrunning on EFI BIOS. After installing the update when I restarted my pc the grub was not loading. Only a word GRUB is appearing on screen. Can anybody help?

maybe you forget to uninstall also btrfs-grub and timeshift-autosnap, plus no sudo update-grub.

Sorry, but if you change the self-rescue style from Garuda you are for your self.

how to install them

I am just a beginner can you tell me how to handle this step by step

Same way you uninstalled timeshift. For more info use forum search function.
It's explained by librewish.

But you need new installation from ground,
as beginner, it seems better not to change anything on your running system :wink: .

Please, edit the Headline to, How I destroy the grub boot.

For @librewish
No I want to ask you how to enable timeshift for ext4 formats as I tried to install garuda with btrfs but it crashes near 90% and gave an error. I does not remember the error but it was related to bios-grub and btrfs
And so I installed garuda linux on ext4 partition type. Can you tell me how to enable timeshift for ext4 partitions.

Did you ever open some settings for applications?

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Can you translate your screenshot to English

Open timeshift gui and you will know.

Well we explicitly say filesystems other than btrfs are not recommonded

Those using garuda with other filesystem need no help from us.

They choose this they are on there own.


You may setup Timeshift to work properly with ext4 system partitions, but then you will not have the option of restoring from the grub boot menu.

I tried to choose btrfs but the installation crashes near 90%. What can I do then?

Can you explain what do you mean by you do not have the option from restoring grub menu? and how to let timeshift work properly with ext4

You want to disable the core features that the distro is based upon. I think the Devs have been pretty clear. If you wish to dismantle the the entire basis of how Garuda is designed to work feel free. However, you are on your own if you choose to do this.

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Ok I can install on btrfs system but can you tell me how to install it through btrfs by manual partitioning, I have given 16GB to linux swap 100Gb to / (root) and 260GB to /home? What other partitions I have to make? I am installing Garuda as Legacy BIOS.

Read the Timeshift documentation if you want to learn how to setup Timeshift to work with ext4. This distro is designed to work with timeshift using btrfs. If you wish to dismantle the foundation of what the distro is built upon go hard.

Just don't expect the forum support staff to give you step by step instructions on how to destroy all their efforts on getting timeshift working with btrfs as a grub boot option.

I think everyone has been pretty clear here. If you want to do this you're on your own.

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Whats your RAM usage? If RAM is lower than 4GB nohang might kill the process due to too much RAM usage.
It might help to open the terminal (alacritty or konsole), then typing in calamares and trying the installation again. Maybe there are useful messages you can post here.

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8GB with Geforce GTX 950MX and i7 7th gen

I think it has all been said about that.
Before everyone goes round in circles I close up here.