How do I publish a game to 'Discover'?

There are some games on the Discover platform, nearly each are very old, bad, or non-functional. To remedy this I figured I would make a couple of games & publish them there.

The thing is, there is no option to do that, least, not one that I can find. How does one publish games or software to the Discover program?

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If you mean the discover application - that's just meant as a convenient way of viewing the repos.

Each distribution decides what goes into their repositories.

Best bets to get your games noticed:

  • Put it on the AUR.
  • Publish as a snap and a flatpak.
  • Invite folks to beta test on Linux forums that allow that.

Eventually, as your games find their audience, distros should start including them in their repos.
Good luck!


Discover uses AppStream for apps in repos. If your app is in an official repo, you may have to publish your apps to AppStream. You can also publish in Snap or Flatpak as Catra said.


Discover doesn't support AUR yet.


Why is everything in Linux overly complicated? Argh. :expressionless:
Thank you for your answers.

Because it is absolutely open, I think (I'm not a developer).
If you make something closed, you can decide to make it one-button-click, for those accepting the black-box :slight_smile:


A good way to get your Linux application on many, many distros all at the same time is to publish it on flathub. Since both gnome-software and discover both support flatpak it will be widely available.


That's the price to pay for using free & open source software at times. You gain the freedom (freedom meaning not having data sold to 3rd parties, being able to actually examine the source code and being able to redistribute own stuff using the technology) while paying with a little bit of having to read a few things. To me, this sounds like a really good deal! :slight_smile:


That is good advice. Thank you.


It is just different, not complicated.

Btw, what is the language you are programming in?


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