How do I get older version of virtualbox (6.0)

SO I have no access to my bios settings (password locked, retrieval of password discontinued from vendor) and am unable to turn on virtualization on this laptop. I need an older version of virtualbox to be able to disable hardware virtualization.
How can I do that?

Just pull out CMOS battery for a few seconds and put it back.
Boom, you got factory reset bios setting.


OK I'll try, brb.TY

You may need to boot without the CMOS battery while holding down the power button for 20-50 seconds, then replace it and reboot, thus completely resetting your BIOS. It may depend on the BIOS manufacturer.

I'm contemplating a similar procedure on my desktop machine to re-acquire Bluetooth functionality that either Windows or Dell (firmware?) updates removed from my QCA9565 chipset. (That's the best solution Dell tech support seems to have.)

Good luck!