How do I autostart Klipper?

Klipper is preinstalled, but it is not set to turn on at startup. After looking in the autostart section of settings, I tried adding an application, but Klipper wasn't on the list. I made a simple script consisting of executing klipper and added it as a login script, but that failed, Klipper did not get up at login. What am I doing wrong?

Hi there, welcome.
Please always provide your system specs with the output of inxi -Faz (as text, with ~~~ before and after the text block).
I'm not sure this package is really preinstalled in all editions.
Anyway, have you already tried with some hints that can be found via an Internet search?
This could be either prepending a sleep time to the autostart (e.g. sleep 1) or simply closing the application it seems that you should be offered to start it automatically when you login.
This is just very old information and only the result of a very quick search, anyway...


Should have looked better, shouldn't I? Either way, if you're experiencing this, start Klipper, right click its icon in the taskbar, quit and then confirm that you want it to start at login. Thanks for the help

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No problem! :wink:

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