How do I add a new conky


I'm trying to add an additional conky applet to my screen. I'm using I3 window manager. But, I can't get it to stop overlapping the original conky applet. I want to keep the original conky applet. Please help me.


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Fix alignment

alignment = 'top_left',
	gap_x = 50,
	gap_y = 40,

As mentioned above, use the "alignment" to position it accordingly. The Garuda supplied conkys are aligned top_left and top_right. If your screen is wide enough, top_middle is available. Otherwise, go for bottom_*.

If still overlapping, you may need to adjust each conky's size so they fit right.

Thanx for your help. But, I actually made a stupid typographical error I typed 'top-right' when I should have typed 'top_right', underline instead of dash. But, I do appreciate your help. Have a great day.

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