How can this be?

PS:- my storage is only 256 GB for the root, and I am relatively new so this is probably something dumb to ask.

Post your inxi -Faz, please and also

df -h

No one will open links to some google drive :smiley:
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This is the image he is trying to share:

I'm not sure what exactly you're asking but if you wonder why the sum of file sizes differ from the used space then this is always due to the filesystem. It can go both ways: Allocation of disk space is not necessarily as granular as you might expect and on he other hand most filesystems optimize "empty space" in files. In general that can lead to either a higher or a lower disk usage than the sum of all files.
Garuda Linux uses btrfs as a default which has a copy-on-write feature which can save disk space and time.

You can read more about the filesystem at Btrfs - Wikipedia

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My guess would be two things, snapshots and compression. Mostly the former.

If you let filelight go through all your snapshots, it will appear as if they are consuming a large amount of disk space when really they are not.

Have you balanced the system?

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