How can I reset the application bar and the dock?

hello everyone, people full of wisdom in this wonderful world of Linux I got tired of Windows 10 and its errors and I installed Garuda Linux 1 day ago the truth is super great but I made a mistake As a rookie and I eliminated the application bar that is at the top and the dock at the bottom and I do not know how to put it, as I said before, I have only been using it for a day someone who please Please help me as the appearance of the operating system with its bar and dock is beautiful. My version is Garuda Linux Dr460nized gaming editionProcessing: Screenshot_1.png...

In garuda assistant, on the bottom of the main tab there is an option to restore various configurations.

Start by restoring latte-dock. (logout and back in to test). If that doesn't work you may have to restore "All" to get the plasma configuration but I suspect restoring latte will be enough.


Oh man I did the same mistake the first time.