How can I make i3 panel appear on the top of the screen?

I tried messing with bottom=false in the polybar config, but to no avail.

Try here and here

  1. archwiki
  2. polybar github

remember these sources of info, as a linux user you are expected to become competent at fixing problems like this.


Checking the Arch wiki is a very important first step as it can save everyone a lot of time and effort. There's no point re-writing something that's already there.

However, if you don't understand something written there, or in other documentation, then there is no shame in asking someone for clarification.

The most important thing is providing enough information so that people can help without having to ask a series of questions to draw out more information. That gets very tiring very quickly.


I did check them both before posting this issue regardless I found the problem which I was having, Polybar isn't the default panel in i3wm garuda, it's i3bar, polybar however comes preinstalled with Garuda adding up to my confusion, adding position top to bar{} in i3 config solved my issue.