How can i install ProtonVPN?

Good day to all.

Im trying to install ProtonVPN, can anyone help me please?

I tried to install that package, but system doesn find it, i believe, neither on add/remove programs, nor on Terminal.

I appreciate the help! Cheers!

Its a terminal program like Youtube-dl

You can run it in the terminal using the commands it needs,check their wiki

You should probably have a look at this .

Followed the procedure, but when i try to randomly connect to a server, it gives me the message that authentication failed, for me to make sure that my Username and Password are correct, which are, either way i wouldn be able to initiate ProtonVPN. Any ideas?

Ps: Just an outbust... This is the kind of thing that Linux communities need to work on and change, unless Linux systems are still, only for advanced, hacker users. 1 day of use, and i already had to research for hours about how to configurate my keyboard, the text was blurry, screen configuration was wrong, and now, even to merely use a VPN, i need to go trough all that work. Honestly, for most people, all that work to achieve a basic usage, is just not worth it.

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The username and password required here are NOT your account username and password.
You need OpenVPN username and password.

  1. Login to
  2. Go Account -> OpenVPN
  3. sudo protonvpn configure
  4. Hit 1 and Enter, for Username and Password.
  5. Copy & paste the username and password from the step 1

Already did it, same issue.


This is definitely because your OpenVPN Username and Password are wrong.

Arch Wiki may help you:


Now it did work. Thank you for your help!

Please note this is not really an issue for the linux community, it's really about the programming, direction, and guidance from a private software company.
The only thing we can do to change it, is voice our concerns and vote with our money.

Yes, you do have to learn to use Linux successfully, just like there are many things in every other OS that you have to dig deep to find and change/tweak. I suspect your issues are related to hardware choice (and just like above, that is the purvue of hardware developers who do not release their specs for developers to implement), because with my hardware (chosen for that self-same issue), I can boot an ISO, install, and not need to tweak a single thing unless I want a different behavior/look. It's all works. And you may say, but it works on Windows, see above about releasing hardware support information.


I will echo what @dbarron stated, only in a far less diplomatic fashion.

Linux is a free OS, the cost is howerever not. The cost is your time and effort to learn how to operate, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain a Linux system.

The forum provides free support, however that also comes at a cost. The cost is learning how to resolve your own issues with minimal assistance and learning how to file proper bug reports to upstream projects. Garuda is not responsible for ensuring bugs are fixed in upstream software, you the users are. That is the cost of using Linux. It is an OS for self starters willing to learn. If you think your computer is simply another household smart appliance that you simply plug in and it takes care of the rest, you couldn't be more wrong.

In Linux you are the system administrator. If you aren't up for learning how to perform that task properly, perhaps you should return to using a commercial OS. However, that is certainly not free by any means either. I hear the going rate for Microsoft support is upwards of $160 US per incident. Not to mention all the annual software costs that could be hundreds of dollars per year.

So you either have to pay up front in hard currency with a commercial OS, or you pay on the backend with a free OS with the time it takes to learn how the system works.

As they say, "You don't get nothing, for nothing". Make your choice which way you desire to go then either open your wallet, or open your mind to learning.

Choose one or the other and quit yer bloody whining.Generally, in life most people know not to whine about something you are given for free. Hence, the saying "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth". You either accept the gift graciously, or refuse it and move on. Learn some tact, and learn how to use a search engine.

Nuff said, thread is solved, so it's done like dinner.