How can I contribute to the Italian translation?

Hi everyone,
My name is Nicola and I would like to contribute to the Italian translation of the wiki.
How should I do?
I am a new user of Garuda and therefore, since I am reading the documentation, I was thinking of translating it for those who, like me, are an Italian user and need to access the documentation in Italian.
Thank you all.


Hi and welcome :slight_smile: ,


Welcome | Garuda Linux wiki

help is welcome, maybe @dr460nf1r3 has time to give you access?


Hi there, welcome to the community.

Please provide me with your email id and preferred username for wiki account


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: As @Naman pointed out already, we would need to create a wiki account for you, after that you can pretty much start translating things! This is in fact a very welcome contribution, so thank you :slight_smile:
If there are any questions about how to handle our Wiki just let us know so we can help out!


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