@home subvolume is not properly mounting to /home on-boot after interrupted update

I had an issue where I lost power mid-update (I believe during a dkms operation for nvidia drivers though I don’t recall for sure) and it made my computer functionally unbootable. (I think technically it was booting, but it just couldn’t display anything because the drivers were broke) So I used a live install medium did a full reinstall of everything (unfortunately that seems to be the most convienient way to make sure that all the hooks run to completion fully) and while it seemed to work properly after a first reboot, on the next reboot I couldn’t login and got tons of errors all basically saying “this file we need is read only, we can’t write to it at all”. (I think I also ran a full -Syu as well, although given I had just reinstalled everything almost all of it was already uptodate and I was more doing it just as a formality just in case something was weird with the chroot)

If I spam through them all I can technically log in, but it’s very jank and most things don’t work at all. I can however get dolphin open and see that there is literally nothing in /home. My user account is still registered, when I get to the display manager the users show up, it accepts my password, etc. but /home is completely empty. Some of my configurations are still applied too, like the KDE theme. In other words, it looks like everything in the root subvolume is fine, but everything under @home is completely invisible as far as the OS is concerned.

I have taken a disk image (two actually) of the drive and I can mount it and see @home still exists and has all of the data on it that it should, meaning I think what’s happening is that the @home subvolume just isn’t being properly mounted to /home. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to actually go about solving that.

Given the shakey state it’s in (what with /home literally not being writable and being completely empty) I don’t really trust a garuda-inxi to not be full of red herrings, and I’m decently confident that just getting the subvolume to mount at /home as intended should fix it. (and, if not, it’s at least a necessary first step to finding the actual issue)

Since I have disk images on-hand a full reinstall is technically on the table, but if I go that route, 1 it will still be a massive nightmare and 2 it’ll take weeks or months before I actually have the time to make that happen. Thankfully given those disk images can be mounted and do contain all of the data still in @home I know the data on the physical disk is intact, meaning if I can just get @home to mount correctly at /home it should avoid a full reinstall. (or at least leave the computer functional until I can find the time to do a full reinstall)

(I can get a garuda-inxi if necessary, but I just don’t entirely trust it with the state that it’s in right now and given what the issue appears to be, I doubt it would be all that immediately helpful)

Please post the garuda-inxi anyway. Please also post:

cat /etc/fstab
lsblk -f

Can you explain as specifically as you can what you mean by this?


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