Holy Smokes!

My name is Vinay and I'm 50 (scientist). Full time exclusively Linux user for past 14 years. Distro hopper for years, over 50 distros installed and tried.

And then I saw GARUDA (QTILE). Holy Smokes. Man, this thing is better than advertized!

Guys, take a bow! My compliments to this fine team. Like, you guys took it to a different level!

I think I'm kinda done distro hopping for a while. Also, will definitely support with donations in due time.

Cheers guys (@Rohit, aap ho yaar!),
PS: A few minor issues: not sure the l. alias is working; calamares gives some trouble for self-partitioning layouts; would like neovim to be installed;


Welcome to the Garuda forum. So nice to hear you like what you've found here.

Cheers. :+1:


Speaking of science. What field of science.


I am actually Mathematician, but also do applied Maths (to Data Mining) which is more of an empirical science. Currently working mostly on theoretical computer science.


I am glad you like that


One suggestion: I know the "new theme each time you login" is super cool and I love it. Along same lines, new fish theme also? (the ones on fish_config would be a start). So far not found anything bad about the distro. Forum is not as responsive yet as some others, but sure that will improve as more ppl join. Keep it on, and Jai Hind.

You're suggestion is welcome but we don't intent to change fish shell theme. And except few (including me) most of the member and mods of forum are very active and responsive.