High CPU temp after update

I just installed Garuda yesterday and absolutely love this distro. It has been working flawlessly since I installed until I received a notification that updates were available. After installing them my CPU temp rose to over 90C. I had to boot into a snapshot, now its back around 50-60C.

I'm not an expert with linux. How can I make sure it stays this way? Thank you for any help.

Welcome! :slight_smile:
The performance-tweaks package got changed yesterday, maybe its related to this.
Are you still having the "old" performance tweaks package? You can find this in Pamac searching for the package and look at dependencies like this:

Also, was your CPU running all the time after the upgrade?


Thank you for the response! The performance-tweaks is up to date and shows it was updated yesterday. I didn't think to check if the CPU was running max after the upgrade. I will check it again and report back.

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After updating again it looks to be okay. I saw another update in there, something like "auto cpu frequency" that wasnt there before. So maybe it was pushed after someone noticed it caused overheating? Oh well. Its running at ~55C now. Thank you for your help! This distro is great :slight_smile:


So glad things worked out, and welcome to the forum.