Hide dragons?

I installed Garuda KDE Plasma dragonized. I am using the default theme and its really impressive, but I personally am not so fond of dragons. Is there a way to hide/remove the dragons that I see in various places, such as the boot screen etc?

I'm afraid this must be done in several different places separately.
In the end, you're trying to remove dragons from the Dr460nized version... :wink:
For the grub, you could use "Garuda Boot Options" and remove dr$60nized background theme and change also the splash theme. It is in my opinion a bit risky to play around with this stuff, but can be done.
But then you'll have the symbol in firedragon browser, ok this could be replaced with a different browser, or even better, install the new broser, make it default, and just remove firedragon from the latte dock.
The Dragon icon on the application launcher, you could right-click, configure application launcher and change icon.
There might be other points.
Does it really worth th effort? Up to you...


Thanks. Actually it sounds easier than I thought. I will probably try to take a backup before I start messing with it.

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