Hibernate/Suspend freeze

Im in love with garuda, but it seems that whenever i suspend or hibernate my system after wake up it freezes. My touchpad is getting disabled, and my custom sddm is reset to normal. To make everything work again i have to reboot the system.

This problem is only occurring on my laptop. i would be sad to have to reinstall it all over.

Thanks in advance.

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The first thing would be to try some different kernel versions and see if that helps (linux, linux-zen, linux-lts).


Thank you jonathon! i will do some research and come back when i know more :smiley:


Do you have any kernel recomendations? i am also quite into gaming btw

The three that I listed in my post. :wink:


Hmm for whatever reason switching kernel is not helping. :confused:

Please try each of them, and report back for each of them specifically. Make sure you reboot and pick the new kernel each time.


So is your swap partition larger than your physical memory?


How did you setup swap/hibernation? And I know you said it freezes after suspend/hibernate. I just wanted to be clear because they are different and sometimes people use the terms interchangeably.

Please post the output of

swapon --show

Btrfs is very specific on setting up hibernation, it's not as easy as on ext4. I admit I haven't done it yet. But a Garuda barebones install and hibernation setup is on my to do list. I haven't used btrfs much, so thus is a good distro for me to learn on.

You can find a lot of useful info here:


And lastly - I have no idea if it works with btrfs, but in the past I've expedited the process with the package


If you want to try it, I'd just suggest making a full full backup in case it's useless to revert back.

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This is an abandoned project (long time ago) and is not safe to use, unless the dev has restarted development.

There are several recent reports for relevant issues at Arch forum. I guess the best approach should be to try other kernels, as already suggested (start with linux-lts).

Maybe some kernel parameter could block APM for HW (pci ?).
It depends on your HW/SW, on which... you haven't provided any info. Maybe you missed the memo at Garuda Wiki... :wink:


Ya? No kidding. I just used it maybe a month ago. And I've used it on quite a few installs over the years. It's one of my favorite packages. I'll keep recommending it until it stops working for me!

Abandoned or not, it works great still!

No disagreement. I just said it's not safe to use blindly, as it needs parenting. If one of the open bugs bite you, you get a broken system.

When you suggest it to a not experienced user, you should be offering support as well. :wink:


Definitely no support. BUT I did include a warning.

So just to be clear, if and only if I were me, I'd use that package, make a backup, and give it a go. If I'm not me, then I have no idea.

How's that @petsam ?


The information you have provided is far from complete. We know nothing about your system specs.

Please post:

inxi -Fxxxza

Have you used this system with Linux and suspend or hibernate successfully in the past?

Is your bios up to date?

Have you tested changing your power suspend states in your bios S3 etc?

I would definitely try different kernels from those already mentioned.

I would also suggest linux-mainline, linux-hardened, and linux-next-git.

Please post your inxi output on the linux-mainline kernel.

You need to start providing more thorough information if you want to solve your issue.

Be sure to answer all questions asked and provide your full inxi output as text please.


try linux tkg-bmq

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Also just an FYI, the only open issue is that it requires update-grub to use the script properly.

It just so happens that's one of the first things I usually install (since I'm lazy), so other than that, abandoned or not, it SHOULD be fine otherwise. But I do agree, it has had no update for almost 6 years. It's truly amazing it still works.

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This can also mean the software works just fine as it is - no need to fix something that isn't broken. :wink:


As I started with, I've never had any issues with it and recommend it with the same caveat of backups and everything else. It's probably just a script that creates a swap file, adds it to grub turns swap on and that's basically it. Not really much to change unless the process changes.


Also @petsam Welp, I can assure you it does not work with Garuda w/o a swap partition. I installed Garuda GNOME and just downloaded and tried to run it and I was greeted by this:

╭─[email protected] in ~ took 12s
 ╰─λ sudo hibernator 16G
No swap partition or swapfile detected.
Your root filesystem is btrfs and does not support swapfiles!
Try again after manually creating a swap partition.

SOOO, that being said, since the only other installation option was with swap and hibernation - this is definitely an irrelevant package for Garuda, and BTRFS in general. So, that solves the case of the missing hibernation.

And now that we've kinda semi-hijacked this thread @Dembezuma , any luck with this issue?


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