Hi im abdul im a newbee

hi im honestabdul live out in the mountains in wales
im n old man n realy like this os its easy to use so far


Nice to meet you "Honest Abdul." Have you any used cars for sale? :wink:


na nothin at the moment lol

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Hi there!


Welcome to the Garuda Forums! (and thanks for being the bunt of a miserable early morning pun) :smiley:

I'll be 69 in a month or so. There's quite a few of us older Linux users here.

I live in the flatlands due south of Tacoma, WA, in the U.S. I can highly recommend it as a place to avoid.

The crime rate is so high here there's an annotated local blog named "TaCompton." Typical nightly activity, for some unfathomable reason, tends to involve a shouting, machete-wielding naked person--sometimes male, sometimes female--running down a local avenue. That's the least-dangerous activity. For the runner, anyway. :wink:

Sorry to go on at length. I blame it on old age (it's not the weed).


Welcome! Nice to see you here :slight_smile:
Garuda works very well out of the box and gives you the benefit to test and learn the latest features available in the Linux world, all this in a safe environment (better for devs, better for users).

Oh I love Wales, I use to go there for fishing :smiley:
I'm on the Merseyside :slight_smile:




Yeah, well I'm high school Class of '69, too. :wink:


thank you ur all to kind yeah crime here is prevalent with us skint folks but crimes not the answer,
yeah im kinda likein this software aint had time to try barebones but times on my side i get to it

i cant update or anythin but its good havin fun wiv it yep im guilty of fishing to

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Welcome to the community Abdul

I live in the flat lands of London. I've been testing a Garuda for a few months and I'm about to switch from another Arch based distro. Garuda is, as you say, easy to use. It is also one of the best looking distros.


ive been useing kali for a while 2/3 years win 10 n mostly winxp this is a fresh opensource nice distro im useing blackarch demonized distro or zen one my laptops reasonableish me dad lives in edgeware i like london got a few mates done that way

Ah yes. TaCompton. I've been there a few times the traffic going back towards Seattle is just unfathomable. We have a similar place here in LA aptly named Compton.

Anyway, welcome to the forum!


I live in Thetford Forest in the UK. Garuda is the 2nd best Arch spin Arch being the King of Linux, out their hope you like it and stay easy to install for the masses


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