Hey, I'm Kludge (aka Dean)

Greetings fellow carbon units!
Thought I'd check in and say a quick hi and introduction to my squiffy self!

I just hit my 41st birthday somehow :thinking: (Need to look into temporal inversions to change time :stuck_out_tongue: ), I live on the border of Wales & England in the United Kingdom.

As you can no doubt tell I'm pretty geeky/nerdy aka single :wink:
My first exposure to linux I really hated, It was on CentOS with zero linux knowledge whatsoever. I managed to get what I needed to do on a dedicated server, but really didn't 'enjoy' the whole maintenance task, but it turned out to be because it was CentOS, not a 'dislike of linux'

I've used Debian, Ubuntu (and derivatives), and most recently found Arch, this was from a very technically minded friend, and all his reasons for using Arch was "because... reasons"... That was enough to send me down the rabbit hole!

My favourite base operating system has quickly become Arch, and I stumbled upon a review of Garuda. Quite a few reviews dropped at the same time, and I watched them all. Dragonised definitely stuck out to me as a massive (visual) start to my Arch Server/Workstation (Threadripper 3960x, 256GB RAM, multiple ZFS arrays).

Please do feel free to ask anything you'd like =]


Your username seems familiar. Did you hang out on the Manjaro forums a while back. Regardless, nice to see you here.

Welcome to Garuda.


Howdy back.

Excellent recommendation! :wink:

So, if an airplane crashed on the border of Wales & England, where would they bury the survivors? :wink:

Welcome to Garuda Linux. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I know what my answer would be - "in red tape". It matters which side of the bridge...


tbg: definitely a familiar nickname, I've had it since 1996, but it wasn't me on the Manjaro forums, i'm afraid ;[

c00ter: I doubt either would want me :wink:

freebird54: I'd probably end up impaled knowing me excellent (blatant sarcasm) luck!


Welcome to the forums @Kludge :wave:


That's a good one! :smiley:

Wrong guess. The correct answer is that you don't bury survivors :wink:

My father kept me guessing for years when I was a small child. :wink:

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Not wrong guess - I recognized the 'trap'. It still wouldn't stop the red tape there though!