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Hello all. Been playing with Garuda for a month or so now. Good job all who made this possible, it has everything I usually want, except easy ZFS root install, hopefully that will come some day to all distros so I can finally toss my script. I've been using *nix for ~20 years, my first distro was Mandrake Linux for XBOX.

My first computer was a Vic-20 with tape drive (yes I'm that old). Then, TRS-80 (why?) -> IBM 5170 w/Gravis Ultrasound (Leather Goddesses of Phobos!/Leisure Suit Larry!) -> Macintosh Plus with a 20MB external Hard Drive -> (Teen ????? Party Time! Excellent! ????? Years) -> Dreamcast -> XBOX. I included DC because you could surf the web on it. I also ran Galaxy Star 604 BBS on my old IBM for years. I miss those days. Why am I not on the list?!


I even ran a Fidonet Node, can't believe they are still around.


Then after a couple years living on my own, making good money, I got a Dell XPS gen3, which I purchased on the new fangled world wide webz using my XBOX running Linux and a super fast 1Mbit broadband connection, suck it 56k! I paid a lot for that damn thing, I was young and dumb and Dell ripped me a new one. I still have it, going to turn it into a retro Windows 98/DOS machine. Taking that sucker to the grave!

I quickly moved on to Debian, Arch when it was in it's infancy and of course BSD and even Haiku which I still play around with to this day. I think I've tried every OS there ever was. I've also hacked/modded every device I've ever owned, because I can. It's getting harder and harder though, so much glue! SUPPORT RIGHT TO REPAIR!

Anyhoo, that's where I come from. Maybe some of my obscure knowledge will be helpful to someone, somewhere, someday.

Greets from Surrey, BC Canada eh!


I also remember having a little box that was hooked up to a satellite dish, I could download one way packets. It was like a message board, you pick the headers of the messages you wanted to download, and at certain designated times it would download those messages for you to read. I've been racking my brain trying to remember what it was called, if anyone has any info please let me know.

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Err netnews?

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Awesome blast from the past.

Fellow West Coaster, (on the Isle).

Welcome to Garuda.


Thank you, you led me to this:


Which is the closest description I have found as to what I had, although only the modem, which seemed to work with our existing LNB. And I had it in late 80's and didn't pay any subscription fees like stated in the article, and even by then it was used not new, I found it in an abandoned office building.

Thanks! Haven't been there since the ferries removed Pole Position II from the arcades.

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Welcome to the show :smiley: