Help With Disabling Secure Boot Options Asus G20CB

Be aware that dual-booting is not supported with Garuda. I fear you will have to do some hard decisions. If you clear the keys and disable Secure Boot, you might really not get into Windows. But if you don’t, you will not be able to install Garuda. There are some tips and tricks to be found, if you search the forum for dual-booting.
Dual-booting is such an hustle, I tried it. I suggest either go all out on Garuda, or find another distro that supports Secure boot.


Just a word of warning, from my previous experience. I did try dual-booting with another distro before. I had the same issue, I did not want to disable secure boot and bork my Windows install. The problem was, I had an Nvidia graphics card and installing the proprietary drivers on Linux also needed me to disable secure boot, so I was back to square one, but I needed to remove the rest of boot info from the EFI partition, which was not fun. My solution was to hold on, later buy an AMD system and go with Garuda.

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I wouldn’t recommend this either, also because the 120GB is not enough if you want to install games, for example.

If you just want to try out the garuda-live.iso (without installation), then see if you can find the entry OS Type in the BIOS under Boot option or Secure Boot option. If yes, then set the option to Other OS. Then Secure Boot should be deactivated or can be deactivated. In this case you do not need to delete the Windows secure boot keys.


Dont install on the same Harddrive as Windows like the guys here said.
i was testing many Linux Distros and had on the highest 6 Diffrent Systems running , just for fun and testing loool

Windows will overwrite the boot and you cant start other OS System without fixing yourself.I was able to manage that but not every User can handle it. At the end Garuda is the best choice because it handle more for u like Nobara that can handle old games or settings if you need custom stuff. I run Linux a while on a external Hard Drive for a while but now Garuda and Parrot is on my main nvme ssd and windows on the External Harddrive if i need it 5 times in a Year lol =)


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