Help with Chaotic- nvidia

I just recently start using garuda and not familiar with Chaotic-AUR.
Yesterday I ran an update and noticed that I'm getting this warning:
"Missing AUR Packages: chaotic-nvidia-dkms-tkg chaotic-nvidia-egl-wayland-tkg chaotic-nvidia-opencl-tkg chaotic-nvidia-settings-tkg chaotic-nvidia-utils-tkg lib32-chaotic-nvidia-opencl-tkg lib32-chaotic-nvidia-utils-tkg"

Does this mean my drivers are not going to be updated any more?

They are currently outdated so removed from repo so that others dont install them.
It will be updated soon though
So no need to worry


Thx for your response
Should I uninstall them or wait? If I should wait, will be an auto-update or I still need to make some changes?

If the current version you are running doesn't cause issues, you can safely stay on it. If not, switching to the Nvidia drivers directly and replacing them that way would be the correct way to switch them.

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