Help understanding some things

I want to download my games on to sda1, but nothing will let me. I cant cd to it as its "not a directory" and when i cat it, it spews out random characters.
I do ls on /dev, i look for sda and there it is
But no matter how i try to get into it, or make a steam downloads folder, it just says i cant.

I also dont understand what this is on the left:
no matter the command, and no matter where , its like this. image
i have never had crw -r what ever. can someone explain?

Lastly, whilst im not very comfy with kde just yet, i feel like my build is super glitchy? like, trying to make Latte work is a nightmare. And i dont know how to make it feel like home as in find all the programs i want to find. And opening the application manager is really really slow. What im i doing wrong xd

Read wiki about bug report.
No picture and so on.

The first thing you need to do is read the wiki regarding how to post bug reports. Pictures are not wanted when terminal outputs are required to be posted.

Post separate topics for each issue not a dogs breakfast list of complaints.

Post your system specs with any help request. Your post was moved off the main forum because it is not solvable in its current state of disarray.


Correct. It is a disk, not a directory.

I'd probably suggest you buy (or borrow) a beginners Linux book, or use one of the many online resources for an introduction to Linux.


Its also worth noting that the fish config uses exa instead of ls, have a look at the aliases in ~/.config/fish/