Help, trapped in guest after MATE install

I just installed gruda MATE from garuda xfce, it seems that for some reason I have no option to log into the account I entered the details for in the setup. I only have access to the guest account, this is very painful, as I cannot download a tool such as etcher to write a new usb to install a different garuda DE, which in my annoyance I want to do. To make it worse I have literally no other computers in my house I can do that with. I cannot even sudo su on the guest account apparently.

It was probably because I did something wrong in the manual partioning, although I didn't think I did.

Advice on either how to gain sudo priveleges in this state, or how to solve this issue another way would be greatly appreciated.

guest is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.

I'm just about to lose my mind

Are you sure you can't select the "other user" option in the login screen? What about if you switch to a TTY (with e.g. CTRL-ALT-F2)?

If you have an installer image (for Xfce) then why do you need to create a new one?


sudo su isn't working because it calls sudo to elevate to root with the user password (the elevation is denied, not in sudoer file). If you run just su it will ask for root password instead and you may be able to elevate that way.

What did you do? Did you do a second install of Garuda, or a re-install? Or did you just add a second DE to an existing install?


I think you could try logging with the xfce live USB used for the initial installation, use chroot from Garuda welcome and, if everything works..., you'll be then root into your installed system.
Then from that chroot session you can try creating a new user and assign it to the wheel group.
Finally, if you prefer another edition, I think you'd better download and burn a new ISO and reinstall.
The current installation seems unreliable...