Help me garuda linux

Garuda Linux I have you normal dragonized version and now I want to download blackarch edition but it download in memory I can't Download your black arch edition I want to download it my hard drive but I tell /tmp/modzilla/aditya_0 .error I want to create a new folder in my hard drive to download it . Please help :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

I'm not sure I got your issue correctly (most likely downloading from Firefox in a folder you did not expect?).
Anyway, why don't you try the new tool?


BTW, you don't have to reinstall Garuda linux.
You can just add the blackarch repo to your existing install and update your system.
Try this -

Good luck! :wink:


Sorry for the naive question: if he adds the blackarch repo, later he should manually install all the tools/packages he needs, right?
If so, perhaps for him, who has just installed Garuda and is new to blackarch, it would be better to start with a clean reinstall with a good set of tools already inside ...