Help in making app launcher transparent

Hi friends,

I'm new to Linux and Garuda is my first Linux OS. I'm liking it so much. But as I'm new, I couldn't find out how to make app launcher transparent. I'm using gnome edition on my laptop.

Search to be sure your "compositor" is turned on and running.

And no I can't tell you how to do that, because you included zero information regarding your DE etc. Please search the forum for info regarding "turn on compositor".

Welcome to Garuda.


He is using gnome. It is in the last sentence. It is just hard to find because he left all the default post stuff in there.


My bad, I stand corrected.


Apparently the OP deselected that as the solution now. If it doesn't stick on, then your compositor is likely being disabled by some game you're playing.


No I don't have any game installed on my system.

Does turning on the compositor correct the transparency issue (even if temporary) or not. You originally marked that as the solution?

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Sorry about marking it as solution I'm using my phone atm for posting that's why it happened. I'm at work now when I'll go back home then I'll test that solution. Also I want to mention that the application manager was opaque even with the fresh install. Is it common?

Hi tbg,

I've searched 'compositor' in my machine but there is nothing with that name. Can you please help me in finding that? I'm on Gnome 40.

I don't use gnome (same as Windows to me).

Simply perform an online search.

"turn on compositor Gnome"

There is no transparency or blur in gnome by default
You might need to try gnome extension which often break
Gnome is more about bland tasteless


which DE would you recommend for better customisation? I like to make app manager to be transparent showing wallpaper with blurred effect.

I tried searching, there were some commands mentioned. But when I tried to execute those my system says no such command. Also it was mentioned on one website that compositor is by default ON in Gnome DE and we can't turn it off.

KDE is by far the most customizable.


Alright, I think i'll give KDE a try. Thanks for your help. Cheers!!

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Sorry to interrupt i suggest you stay away from KDE if you don't have a decent PC because I don't want my fellow members to experience lag and all and get a bad impression about Garuda
KDE due to its heavy use of animations and all needs quite more resources than lets for example take a lighter DE like wayfire so I suggest consulting the minimum requirements.

Mods please don't kill me for suggestions people to stay away from KDE i am just putting my opinion as a user

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