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used Garuda 2 years ago when it just started. I have now installed Garuda LXQT-Kwin. A lot has happened in those 2 years. It is stable now compared to 2 years ago. Thanks for the nice work the developers have done.


Yeah a lot of good improvements for sure! What made you quit Garuda 2 years ago, it wasn't stable for you?

No, it wasn't as stable as it is now.

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Welcome friend! Wish you all the best.

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Translate specific programs from Garuda to other languages.

I asked 2 years ago about the same thing here on the forum, but didn't really get any feedback.

A good program could be which is used by many Open Source communities.

I know it takes a lot from the developers to set it up and maintain it. But is there a chance that someone has resources for it.

The older generation could get benefit from Garuda when they are not so good at English