Hellooo... Helloo.. Hello. Is there anybody out there?

Hello, nice to meet everyone and great to be here.

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Bad Ass Distro. Many Thanks to the team!

My nick is self explanatory. :fire: :smoking: @c00ter :wink:

I started with Unix in 1990. It was my first experience with computing. I'm a Central Office Technician. (telco-tech) The system was an AT&T 5ESS Digital Cellular Switching System running UNIX developed by Bell Labs. AT&T 3B20 was the main processor.

5ESS Switching System - Wikipedia

3B series computers - Wikipedia

Long story short... I was spoiled right away as UNIX as my first computing experience. We used laptops to connect remotely for maintenance etc... (My first DOS experience). I used DOS and then windows on home computers eventually.

Then I discovered the power of Linux with my first distro at home... Slackware 3.1 in 1996. I used strictly Slackware on my personal machines from 1996 through 2016. I felt right at home on Linux. I've never looked back. Only in 2016 did I venture into other distros other than Slackware.

I went on a tear in 2016 when I bought my iMac-5k-27" and tried debian+variants. So then came rpm based distros (opensuse is a favorite still). I have only ventured into ARCH Linux and variants in the last month. What a blast! Only one month ago did I decide to try Arch.

Here I am. After dozens of Arch & Arch based distros I landed hard on Garuda KDE Dr460nized. My first experience with KDE, btw. I've been a fluxbox user forever until lately.

I pay honor to rpm-based debian-based and arch-based distros. All of which provide a very fine solid base IMHO. I think my least favorite are rpm-based... I'm not sure why, just preference I guess.

So... that is my history, condensed.

Today, I have small network here @home running: Main Daily Driver: Garuda KDE Dr460nized --- File Server: MX-Linux --- Backup Boxes: Debian

I must say I am just astounded at how well put together Garuda is. What I love about Garuda are the defaults. Basically, the Garuda Team has kicked some natural ass. I love the defaults and all the thought and care that has obviously gone into this project.

Appearance: Wicked! --- Features: Hell yeah! --- Included tools and defaults OOTB: Perfect.

Basically you have done most everything for us end users. AT least for me, that is. Now I don't have to "fiddle" and "tweak" much at all after installing Garuda! :wink: Yeah... right says the UNIX/Linux tinkerer! Garuda is running smooth as silk on my Daily Driver.

Thank you so much for the work/effort/professionalism that has been put into this OS.

Daily Driver:

iMac 5k 27" --- CPU: Intel i7-6700K (8) @ 4.2GHz --- GPU: AMD ATI Radeon R9 M395/ M395X Mac Edition --- OS: Garuda Linux Dr460nized

NOTE: All hardware detected and working perfectly here with Garuda on my iMac! If anyone needs any help with Linux on the newer iMac Retina machines I certainly can help them out.

Nice to virtually meet everyone. Peace.

-Cannabis (Audiophile)

EDIT: Added This Link To My iMac-Retina HERE For Completeness.


I saw your name and instantly thought Canibus which made me think of Canibitch lol


Grimy, you simply must work on your web links if you ever wish to be treated seriously online. Something that references vaginal blisters is probably not going to do so.

Even though it might make some of Garuda's readers say, "ouch, my cooch!"


Hey it's Eminem what do you expect :joy:


You've been on my welcome thread I just saw this linked topic.

Now I take my chance and "welcome you back" O// \O O// \O :smile:

That's a long story O_o. You 've been into UNIX even before Linux exists :flushed:

And I can fully agree on your statements about Garuda. I've been on Gentoo as a daily for years.
Garuda is the first Distro I've ever tried where I don't even have the feeling to tinker something. It is awesome.

All the best,


P.s.: your profile pic is awesome LOL :rofl:


Thanks. Just thanks a lot. Not just "Comfortably Numb" but now I got the whole The Wall album for an earworm today. :frowning: