Hello, noob on board

Hi everyone,

Just scrapped Ubuntu for Garuda, looks and feels great.

The problem I am having is Im fairly new to linux in general.

I used to get on well with ubuntu but not used to FISH and alacritty.

I was trying to install figlet, but obviously cant use the apt-get command.

Anyone have any advice on getting use to fish, alcritty etc?

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Apt is an Ubuntu tool. You can use the built in "add/remove software" tool (pamac) or command line equivalent to apt for Garuda is pacman. When you are googling for help, search for Arch Linux related help as Garuda is based on Arch linux which has different tools than what you are used to. The archwiki is going to be your friend.

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Many Thanks for your speedy response, very helpful as all net searches were leading me astray.

I wanted to use lolcat and figlet to make custom shell ascii art in my terminal, but clearly i need to study up a bit more on the basics of Arch.

Like I say I just got used to Ubuntu and getting used to the new protocols of garuda may take me a while.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

No problem. Also, if you are going to have your shell startup modified, with the default fish shell you'll need to modify this file: ~/.config/fish/config.fish

If you search for where "paleofetch" is called towards the bottom of the file you'll see where the current default popup is being called and you can either comment that out and enter your own figlet command or whatever.

Pacman Rosetta
Arch Linux Wiki
Garuda Linux Wiki
Arch User Repository
Chaotic AUR
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

Welcome to Garuda Linux!


Nice one thank you.

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Thank You,

Is there any must have security based apps for a fresh install?

You want to wear suspenders as well as a belt?

No, you are using Linux. What sort of (in)security based apps did you need in Ubuntu and why?


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lol, great answer,

I just wanted to make sure I was not missing anything, on ubuntu I never added anything other than graphics based apps, (kritta, ink, gimp, etc).

Im running a duel boot, with win 10, unfortunetly its more agro to remove win than it is to leave it there.

I noticed on ubuntu it was trying to install microsoft related updates, which I just ignored.

Hoping this wont happen on Garuda.

Peanut butter in your chocolate? Those bastards! (did they kill Kenny, too?) :smiley:

We will gleefully help you with that wee problem when the time comes. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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As a general rule the most insecure thing in your installation of most linux distros, is you. Stop being insecure (that's the best I can do, because I have no app to stop you from doing insecure things).


OK, thanks that is great advice, however I tried installing snapd but with errors, so I have already fell victim to the most insecure part of my system.

Since read up that snapd is spyware I would like to remove any damage it has done if any, or just remove what was installed.

It does not show up in installed apps?

yet did say it was installed, I found the errors when I tested the install by running the hello-world thingy, it didnt process correctly.

its a cli app it doesnt have a .desktop entrie

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