Hello, new to arch trying Garuda for gaming out of intrest


I am a fairly new Linux user, I have used manly Debian based distributions for simple work and school. Trying out Garuda for gaming because I'm fascinated by Linux gaming, I like to tinker and want to learn Linux.
Decided to do it properly and join the community on the forums this time :slight_smile:


Sounds, A little, like me.
I didn't use Linux for like a decade or two. Just at the time of Garuda getting to hoods, I got bored and decided to try Linux again.

Loved it and now am using it on my 3 computers. Not as a main OS, yet, but still. I'm mightily impressed, how much better Linux has gotten. Not just Garuda, on the whole.

Anyway, I (also) maybe tinker with computers (and consoles and so on) more, than I actually PLAY with them. And I find that more enjoyable :slight_smile:

All the best for you, on your journey!