Hello, i am known as Amelia or idiot

Hello there, i can be known as Amelia or idiot, but I prefer idiot. I am very new to Garuda, meaning i installed it about an hour ago from the time of this post. So far I am impressed and I enjoy the way it is working out. However my main gripe is that I have this on a laptop as I have to use Windows for my Desktop for work orders. But my laptop will only used my i5's onboard graphics, and it won't even attempt to use the built in gtx 1050 of this laptop. Could someone point me in the direction of getting that properly set up ? Thank you all for having me and I hope to make Garuda my daily driver for the long stretch.


Hi, thats probably the funniest introduction i have heard so far. but i would make an extra thread on the gpu issue in issue and assistance. and if its a optimus Laptop try installing optimus manager via add/remove software and try if that works

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Turns out I wasn't looking hard enough and I didn't realize Optimus opened in the system tray. I've gotten it working how I want now.

Hello, could you please post your issue to Newbies - Garuda Linux Forum if you can't find a solution to it with a forum search? Also be sure to follow the directions listed when you start up a new thread there; things like the output from the command inxi -Faz is very important for troubleshooting assistance.


Welcome to the Forums!

And yes plz follow @Kayo and @Muddyfox advice. :slight_smile:


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