Hello Garuda Community

Hi Folks

Coming to you from Sydney, AU,.

I've been dabbling on and off with Linux since Slackware 1.2. Since my computing needs are mainly just web surfing and tinkering, I was happy to inherit old hardware and run Linux. I eventually treated myself to a Raspberry Pi 4 (before the shortage), and used it to distro surf. Manjaro i3 became my fave, but one update later, i3 no longer worked. I recovered my configs and just went with trusty reliable Debian with a vanilla i3 install.

Garuda interested me because it reduced the risk of Arch updates with rollback, sadly no ARM install (hint hint), but the Raspberry pi is rather slow so I picked up a cheap and cheerful intel machine and put Garuda i3 on it. Wonderful. All the goodies, just a few tweaks to make it perfect.

So hope to stick around with Garuda for a bit, I'm quite impressed so far. Not so impressed with Grub, as my first post shows :smile:


Hello and welcome to the Garuda Forum.

Always nice to see new folks appearing on the forum. I guess an additional arm support would be a ton more work for the small Garuda dev team. I wouldn't bet on that one.
If I have to deal with arm I usually go with Gentoo :smile:

Yeah the Grub2 bug gave us (and the whole arch community) a hard time. :face_exhaling:

Best greetz and have fun o/




Welcome friend! Wish you all the best.


Welcome! I'm pretty new to the forums and Garuda myself. Started with Ubuntu (pretty naturally lol) and that lasted about 3 weeks, I hated it. Couldn't stand Mint after that so I switched completely and went with Manjaro. Truly fell in love with Linux with Manjaro and then made the switch to Garuda. I don't see myself hopping again. Garuda is the best Linux experience I've had.


Hell and welcome in the Gaurda Linux Forum :smiley:

Nice journey ngl, have fun here.

best greetings


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