Hello from Taiwan

Hi there, I'm Wen-Wei Tseng, a Ph. D. student studying computer simulation in biological systems. My journey in the Linux world was somewhat similar to @matthias42 : Ubuntu <-> PopOS <-> Manjaro -> endeavour OS -> Ubuntu LTS and finally Garuda.

I was sold by the rolling Arch base and the Garuda system/theme customizations :star_struck:. Btrfs + timeshift by default is the best selling point.

I clean installed Garuda KDE lite edition but got stuck at login. But this post gave me hope (one should not use Wayland with Nvidia cards). And now I am a happy user of Garada. Thank you all for the hard work to create this powerful distro. :partying_face:


Welcome to the Forums :hugs:
Thats quite a ride, glad you you got the issues solved :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums @sosiristseng :wave: