Hello from Canada

Hello there to all!

I'm a French Canadian and heard about Garuda on Jan 1st 2021 and since then I spent hours every day reading about it. :slightly_smiling_face: It got pinned in my head pretty hard!

I have been using Kubuntu daily for the past 13 years and every time I was trying a different distro I always ended up back at Kubuntu and so never made the jump out. But with Garuda... wow! Really impressive! Garuda has even fixed a few glitches I had on Kubuntu including 1-2 annoying. So far everything is working as I want with less efforts than on Kubuntu. I do have a long way learning about Arch, but it's not that complicated.

Which DE am I using?
Originally I was not a fan of eye-popping looks with glowy colors like Dr460nized, however the more I was testing it on a VM the more I loved it! And although I installed KDE Multimedia on real hardware, yesterday I decided re-installting to switch for Dr460nized. :slight_smile:

I don't know how the maintainers do it, but tweaking the core to be fast and responsive still with great stability, well implemented/integrated DEs and off the chart themings that are truly a work of Art, I'm really really impressed!

Finally a distro intended to increase user experience. I like that! I was finding Kubuntu getting really... old style, dull and slow in its evolution.

Thanks to Garuda now and I truly hope the distro will continue following its path.
I also hope to be able to participate in some ways to its evolution and community.

Let's spread the word about the Eagle! :smiley:


Welcome to the community :grin:


Just Linux :slight_smile:
Maybe you do not know, read
and welcome :slight_smile:


Rosetta? Ah I see, that's not the Rosetta from Apple. :slight_smile:

No I didn't know about that wiki, really helpfull! I definately will read that.
And also learn a bit more about "yay", that should cover most of the CLI inputs to work my way around. :slight_smile:

Thanks SGS!


The Arch Wiki is the 'bible' we all live by.


And the AUR is Heaven