Hello from another Garudian

Hi Guys,

After a long lurking in the telegram group and fixing all by my self I would like to say I'm in love with Garuda.
Even though I have plenty of things to fix in order for OS to work as I want I am still kicking almost 4 month now as a main distribution on my laptop.
Also I would like to say how impress I am with the latest and greatest packages and overall arch mentality of the distribution.
I was really left with the impression that Ubuntu and it's forks and knifes can bring some Up to date experience for my hardware but I found I was very very wrong.

I am very much looking forward to contribute to this community group with what I learn and can, also I am eager to see the donation project starting since it is very important that we support what we love and use so that it can improve based on all of us.

That is it from me, take care and keep it rolling :slight_smile: