Hello from Aegir

Haven't introduced myself yet so here we go.

I have been a Linux user for 10 years.. I started using Ubuntu back in ~2008. Well this taught me how to use the CLI and dwell into APT package conflicts :sweat_smile: .

I found that a big jump forward for me was upgrading to Linux Mint in around 2017 - 2018. From there on I actually ran Linux as my Main OS. It was just faster and less distracting than W10.
Big thumbs up for the Mint community, because they have made a solid, good-looking modern Distro.

In 2020, I hoped on to KDE Plasma, which I liked more than Cinnamon. So then I found myself trying KDE with different Distros and progressed to Manjaro --> Garuda. A big practical motivation for me was the Up to date software that Arch pacman (AUR) has access to (software dev stuff and more).

Outside of Linux I have been a tech guy most of my life. I have worked in the electrical field for years and now focusing more on software.

One of my interests is clean energy production and I like to read about it (as a non-expert).

I am motorsport/car/motorcycle enthusiast. I have had some fun being involved in ice track and rally track racing project.

I have been in the audio hobby for around 15 years. My focus now is being happy with what I have and looking into building DIY speakers.

Greetings from Estonia!




OH YEAH!! :smiley: LOVE THAT!
I built myself a car a few years ago, running on the street with it. That was one hell of a motorsport project!
You certainly mourned the passing out of Ken Block... :frowning:

2008 + 10 = 2018.
Last I checked we are in 2023? loll


What car did you build? Track day or a street car? Having a project car that you can tweak gives a better connection with the veichle.

Ken Block was an amazing fellow. I followed the Hoonigan channel for years. He left a real legacy.

About the typo there. Tbh - I really havent used the Linux for 15 years.. More like 8 - 10 on and off before getting to my Mint and so on. :slight_smile:

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I built a Factory Five Racing 818S with pretty much everything else not what they recommended. I swapped in my old VW VR6 in there (turbo) with a Porsche gearbox.
It's both a Track and Street car but I use it for street.
The connection with the car is out of this world. I know by heart every fastener's location, every wire, etc...

Very difficult for one to be close to equal to this guy... he could do anything with any car.

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Holy crap. Factory Five cars are brilliant!

I just salivated on some of their projects weeks ago.

The 818 looks like the sweet spot. It's a "light" build I imagine.

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Yes it's quite a great company.
The 818 is very light, I am just on 1000kg (2200lbs) and the VR6 + Porsche gearbox is heavier than the "recommended" Subaru drivetrain. Many guys are around 950kg.

What will always amaze me the most is the handling/steering. Unassisted steering (as well as brakes!), cannot be more direct than that. It's like a go-kart for the street, a lot of joy driving just for that.

But a lot of work to get there as well!!


I kind of know what you are talking about in regards to time spent on the build. We built a buggy inspired by Edge buggies (Australia). It has a Kawasaki super bike engine :smiley: It took more than a couple of years from concept to completion. Same as yours, It took so long because we improved the design as build progressed and 90% of all details were custom-made. The chassie was great interms of drivability. We havent done a full upgrade to the suspension and it needs a new Sparco seat. We did it properly on the safety side, even has 4 point Sparco seat belts.

I'd really like to build one of these Factory Five track day cars one day. Of course, building a car needs even more dedication.. More details to cover.

First I am thinking of doing a daily E60 or F10 with a chiped engine. :smiley:

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I can imagine. The level of confidence and feedback you get is unpralleled. You have the tube chassis and direct steering + double whisbone suspension.

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To tie up my end of build chat here.. I'd say that actually doing the project was the most enjoyable. I actually got a Lathe certification during this time and I made almost all of the lathe specific details( flanges, bushings and the bearing sockets). Learned some welding too. The process can be as important as the end result.

You got it all!! :smiley:

That buggy be so much fun! At what... 14k RPM? :smiley:

Not to confuse with LATTE. hahahah (Latte-Dock)

Yesyes, welding! Just did some more yesterday on my exhaust, had to learn that.

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We have the 750 Ninja. So basically.. the 750s are the most agressive of them all, because they have the rising torque curve. Not sure.. 12 -13k and we have custom Race exchaust on it.

This video is low quality but the sound is relatively clear. Now I use way better devices for recording. We also have a purpose built offroad race track for Ice and rally driving. This was the "early" days.

Skip to 0:50 for the sound.

Low grip but plenty of power.

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Yes.. The Dock not the weak version of Cappuccino. :rofl:

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Awesome tnx! I'll definately download this once I'm off work!

Yes 750s typically are less crazy at RPMs.
I got an old 2004 ZZR600, signs up to 14K. But no torque down low.
My other bike, KTM RC8R, it's the other way around. WAY too much torque for riding downtown.

I'll try to find some pix of my vehicles and I got some videos too. Will check this out this week as many are too old. I'll get back on that!

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So I found one later video for you here : 33.24 MB file on MEGA

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Yes. This is better served in the buggy chassies. No man I am not even kidding. :rofl:

The 1000cc R4s & 1200c V2 are too powerful for the street. Two of my close relatives are bike racers and the 1000c R4s are mental..

We have a 2000s 1000cc v2 Honda in the garage and this already is a torque monster. We were supposed to mount in a buggy frame.

Well I imagine that the RC8 is a great ride :smile:

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Yes. Same goes for the RC8, it's a scary ride. Twist it on the highway and you are at 225km/h in no time. Plus, the faster you go, the more stable it rides, than the faster you wanna go! loll
Not recommended for any guy under 35yo, unless that guy is very well experimented.
Same thing probably with 1000s.

That V2 Honda in the buggy would be something!

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Are you guys talking shoehorning a bike engine into a buggy or just riding the bike? cos just ride the bike gives you far better power to weight ratio ? And you can lean it into a corner far better :rofl:


You mean "no" grip! loll That's what it's meant for! Man that thing must weigh less than 500kg (1100lbs)!

Here's some pix of the car and bikes:

818S, KTM and Kawa pix

3.15 MB file on MEGA
2.73 MB file on MEGA
2.78 MB file on MEGA
1.27 MB file on MEGA
1.4 MB file on MEGA
785.2 KB file on MEGA
1.3 MB file on MEGA

If you want to refer to them in the future I suggest you download them, cuz I will certainly move them around and the links will probably fail to retrieve.
How do you get a video that plays? I tried sharing one but when I click on the ref it's unplayable.

It still requires some finesse and delicacy. loll


Right click on the video and "Get Link". This will be the public share link. Make sure to get the one without any access key. Test it in a private window.