Hearing Aid Support (ASHA-Protocoll)

Hello Guys,
i got a Problem with my Ears so i need Hearing Aids.
I will buy some from Signia (by others Companys like ReSound or Octavia its the same).
Most new Hearing Aids are supported by Apple iPhone and Android.
Google invented the ASHA-Protocoll to support Hearing Aids.
The Hearing Aids use Bluetooth LE-Technology.
I wrote with Signia and they don't write the Protocolls to use, that makes first Apple and now Android.
I do some research but i am not that technology expert, to make some drivers for Linux.
I think the Key to stream to my hearing aids via PC is a GATT-Server, because of the LE-Technology.
I can connect both Hearing Aids to my PC, and they show me the name of my Hearing Aids (i got the Asus BT500-Dongle that have BT 5.0 and LE).
But Garuda don't know what to do with the connected devices.
So now my Question: Can somebody help me to make a GATT-Server or is it planned to integrate something like the ASHA-Protocoll?

Does this AUR stuff here help anyhow?
Especially python-gattlib.
Just guessing, I don't know anything about this stuff... :blush::wink:


Look here: List of applications - ArchWiki


i found it, too, but i don't know how to use, because you cannot install with AUR, but with pip, but it seems there is no difference... i don't know how to make a own GATT-Server-Service...

There are a lot of helpful things, but nothing for Hearing Aid, just for Typing and better Visulation... i need a Service for my hearing aids that i can stream directly from my PC into hearing Aids

It seems the AUR package was created to avoid installing with pip, so you should be able to install with paru python-gattlib, but I agree with you that it's useless, most likely only a framework to develope upon, at least at a quick glance on the upsteam url

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