Headphone Buzzing Problem

Whenever I use Headphone a buzzing sound comes out of it when I am listening to something and then again stops when I am stop listening to the thing. When I use only Pulseaudio and no Alsa-Support. The Problem doesn't occur when I plug my headphones before booting up, but again the problem starts when I remove the headphone and then plug it again or sometimes the buzzing sound automatically starts, even if I don't unplug and then again plug my headphones.

Have you tried anything else?

All of the available Audio software in Garuda Assistant. In the case of Alsa-Support Buzzing is from the very beginning and for the other ones it is the same as pulseaudio.

Also another thing. I use Da Vinci Resolve for Video Editing in Windows, however for Garuda the audio doesn't work. There is no wave in the Audio Timeline.

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