Harddisk is getting full slowly


So it's been two months that I am using Garuda Linux...
I have it installed on a 500GB HDD.

At first, after the installation, free space on my HDD was around 450-460GB I think..

After that, yes I have installed and tested out a lot of software and package. However, as soon as I was done I deleted the software so as not to make my system bulky!

Currently, I have around 7 8 (1 snap and 2 flatpaks) extra apps over all the default apps that come ​bundled with Garuda!

My free hard disk space is now ~280GB.. so I guess my system currently has over 200GB of files. But my home folder is just 80GB...

So where are all the extra files? How can I reduce this? I ran BleachBit but it just managed to reduce 3-4GB!


Balance your load.


Delete unused timeshift snapshots then do a btrfs balance.

Check for large log files such as crash dumps.


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