Hahahaha what is this LOOOOOL

i have posted a picture of my desktop now you

see there are speaker icons on all icons on left bottom

what is that i see it for first time and i didn't do anything

selfprogramming system LOOOOOOOOOOOL

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Your machine has achieved sentience. Do not be alarmed, however, be prepared to serve it chips and ram modules in bed.


finally i have found a thing that will love me unreservedly
even if it now has a defect

I guess it is trying to get your attention - crying out visually "listen to meeee" :grin:

Perhaps a borked symlink in your icon theme?


maybe nsa listen all my programs ^^

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why are settings and konsole making sound?

Garuda Poltergeist edition


the programs are even not open ^^

The FBI wants to know your computers location.

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Oh my, how naive, you know when we introduced geo-location....well, you know the rest.
Yep, those people getting out of the vans in the trenchcoat, they're your friends. Please cooperate.