Guys, we are on a 20 spot on Distrowatch!

Ladies and gentleman, we've got them.YEAH BOY


Last month 20 (571)
But look for 12 or 6 month :slight_smile:
12 months: 80 (172),
6 months: 30 (344),
3 months: 23 (475),
4 months: 20 (571),
1 months: 20 (626)


We still have some place to expand :wink:

I'm a little frustrated that a review I left for Garuda on there last week never got posted. I don't think I violated any rules with their posting guidelines so I'm not sure why it never posted

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Yeah, ya caught me. I been robo-spoofing new clicks. :wink:


why ununtu is on number 6 .... canonical's pet :persevere::persevere::persevere: few more months, we will be on top 5


The thing I can't figure out is how MX is keeping up there, That's a lot of spoofing! (I guess). If you go by the 'life' at their forums - this place is more active...


One thing to consider about MX or most Distros based directly on Debian Stable ( like SolydK or Sparky for instance ), things rarely change. And hence things rarely go wrong. Once properly set up, which takes an hour maybe ( for me ), it is so darn Stable that it is utterly boring. :sweat_smile:

That often reduces the need / desire to visit the forums.

Here, I must confess, I'm a big fan of Debian Stable/MX. And Arch. Garuda is amazing so far. But need to use it for a few months more.


Same here, only I posted mine a couple of months ago. It was an overwhelmingly positive endorsement but I made sure to check each box of the suggested review format/template.

Regardless, congrats Garuda devs! It's good to see this distro trending in the way we all expect it should be


Just joined the forum.
I posted this on distrowatch today:
Garuda = 10/10
Nothing beats it for Bells & Whistles with NO crashing!
My rig : i5 8GB RAM on ASUS board (BIOS: 09/19/2013) w/ Radeon HD 5450 2GB graphics card driving Samsung 24" S24D332 @60Hz = this is OLD!
Garuda LXQT-Kwin runs FLAWLESSLY on this : Zen kernel, btrfs, and zram! I'm flabbergasted!
My other distros are all JWM (Forge (Devuan), Sparky (Debian), VoidLinux, antiX runit) except PCLinuxOS Plasma.
I keep Garuda as my bleeding edge updated distro: "su, garuda-update" It has everything and it NEVER crashes.
Sure I run: su, snapper list, snapper delete [all but 2 highest numbers] from time to time to keep from over crowding the its partition (20% of 78.1 GiB).
It runs the panel down the left side of the monitor which I prefer. Plus the auto-disappearing dock at the bottom has most of the apps I regularly run.
Plus it boots from my grub legacy with root (hd0,2), chainloader +1 Nothing to fix after updating.
I stll have to try all the cool apps that come installed. Just like my main distro Forge, it comes loaded!!
BTW: conky runs fine. I use a strip of info across the top of the screen.


Currently sitting at #9 - Inside the Top 10 distrowatch distro's! Well done Garuda team


@AussieAnon awesome!