Guybrush, Threepwood, mighty pirate

Hi there,

I'm Guybrush from Amsterdam.

I'm a java developer and have been using linux on a daily basis for about twelve years now (both at home and at work). Once upon a time I used SUSE (6.2). At some point I started using Ubuntu at home, since LifeHacker and similar sites covered it quite extensively. Like many linux desktop users, I wasn't a big fan of Unity (and to be fair, Amazon ads showing up in global search didn't help either), so at that point I switched to Mint. It has been a great experience to watch that distro mature, and the upgrade process getting smoother as part of each major release. However, for a couple of years now, the jump towards Arch seemed inevitable. Using Ukuu, I've been able to keep my kernels up to date, but at some point I got really annoyed by late package updates. So I've been keeping my eyes and ears open, and through Linux Unplugged I was informed about the existence of Garuda. I've tried it out for a while, and at some point I decided to start using it (the Gnome edition) professionally. After some minor tweaks I'm a happy camper.

I admire the fact that Garuda has the cojones to be pretty opioniated and, as it happens, many of the choices that are made by default either coincide with my existing preferences or are implemented well enough to convince me. For example, I had already decided to go with zsh as the default shell (or to be more specific: GitHub - romkatv/zsh4humans: A turnkey configuration for Zsh), but I liked the default settings well enough to keep using fish.

So thanks a lot for this great project!

Best regards,


Ah one of Satan's helpers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello and welcome :+1:


Another one joins the Arch till death party. I dont know why I chose Manjaro after my first time using Linux (specificaly Kali), maybe to flex I guess.. But then I broke it. Installed Arch and then heard of this Beautis :heartpulse: . Can't seem to go back. My main reason would be:-

  1. Losing the huge AUR
  2. I like the stability of Arch ( I know some dweebs would be like, oh but arch breaks all the time.. Thats just because you seem to upgrade every 2 seconds ya dolt)

If this isn't a warm welcome, I don't know what is. :fire:


THIS should be Garuda's tagline! Welcome aboard, and just wait until you meet some of the crusty characters here. They will live up to that tagline. :wink: